This week's Packet Camera Club is the last of September's theme of 'Film and Book titles' and what a great run of images we've had!

Our selection of images and photography this week will be the final collection for September's theme before we move on to October.

Featuring in our curation this week is a very adventure-ready doggy, three loved-up seals, and two swans who have definitely had an interesting evening, if they can remember it that is.

We'll be posting a new theme for the week over on the Packet Camera Club Facebook page and prepare to send us your most spook-tacular snaps.

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Honourable mentions this week go to Kavin Cridland for their spectacular shot of a double rainbow which seemingly separates the light of the day with the darkness of the incoming evening.

Also getting an honourable mention this week is Marcus Jose for his extremely atmospheric snap of Cardinham woods in the morning.

Keep on sending in your submissions and make sure to keep an eye on the Facebook group page for this month's new theme!

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