A Cornish pub has apologised after asking much loved charity fundraiser Speedo Mick to leave while he was trying to shelter from the pouring rain and cold.

Speedo Mick, real name Michael Cullen, was making a live video post on his Facebook page about how he was freezing and soaking with a hole in his boot and had gone into the Halfway House at Rame Cross when he was interrupted by a member of staff and asked to leave.

Speedo Mick was just reading out a message from Denise Williams telling him to keep going when a member of staff can be heard saying: "Hello, darlin', I can't have you sat in here like this." Mick replies: "You can't? Oh that's fine." She says: "Sorry my lovely" and Mick replies: 'That's fine. No worries." He then tells his watchers: "Well there you go. We're getting thrown out. We can't sit in here like this. We'll go and find another establishment, I'm sure they will help me." He then tells the member of staff: "No worries, enjoy yourself."

Falmouth Packet:

This was the moment Speedo Mick was asked to leave the pub live on Facebook

He then goes outside back into the pouring rain, saying "I couldn't even geta cup of coffee, but there you go."

The eviction was met with outrage in the comments section on Facebook. Linda Morgan posted: "Half Way House what is the matter with you. He is doing it for charity."

Joy Thorpe said: "Does she know who you are????!!!! Clearly not!! Oh Mick! Sending warm hugs and I hope you get food and warmth soon xxx"

While Andrea Harvey said: "Aww hope you find somewhere more friendly. It’s awful out there today, I’ll be thinking of you out there in the rain, take care."

Following the incident at lunchtime today the Halfway House management posted the following statement on Facebook.

"We are sorry we ask (sic) a gentleman to leave today we did not know who he was and we have a dress code policy within out [sic] business.

"We have and still do lots of work for charity if we had know (sic) who he was and if he was visiting us we would have helped raise money for this amazing cause."

However they later changed it to: "We are so sorry and embarrassed we did not know who you were Speedo Mick. We would happily donate to your good cause."

Afterwards Mick posted: "Afternoon everyone, I've just had to jump out the way, the Fashion Police just flew past me! It's defo the meff's cell for a few tonight!

"I'm alright you beautiful people, alls good no hard feelings here at all It's not the first time I've been chucked out of an 'ale house it happened on the last walk too. I know, me, the fashionista in my designer Everton Football Club Speedo's!

"Let's keep spreading the smiles and love everyone, eh more importantly, the rain's stopped"

You can donate here: https://bit.ly/2T0FAfA


Community rallies to find Speedo Mick after pub snub for wearing trunks

The family run pub in Rame Cross is situated on the A394 Halfway between Helston and Penryn where Mick was walking. The pub is owned by Punch Taverns and is a managed house. It closed in July last year and then reopened under new management in March this year.

Falmouth Packet:

Speedo Mick walking through Cornwall. Photo: Will Dax

Speedo Mick is marching through Cornwall as part of a 2,400-mile trek across the UK.

His 'giving back tour' involves six months of walking around the UK and Ireland, raising funds for the SpeedoMick Foundation and also donating £250,000 to local charities along the way.