CHARITY fundraiser Speedo Mick has made an appeal for people to be kind to staff at a pub after they inadvertently kicked him out for being inappropriately dressed.

Mick, real name Michael Cullen, was in the Halfway House pub at Rame this lunchtime to shelter from the rain and get some warm soup when he was asked to leave.


Outrage as Speedo Mick kicked out of pub for wearing trunks during live FB post

The move prompted outrage on Facebook after the eviction was broadcast live with some people demanding a boycott of the pub, despite the pub saying it did not realise who he was and apologising.

However the community rallied together with people scouring the lanes to find Mick and give him a hot drink and something to eat.

One of those who found him was Anna Edwards who finally tracked down Mick after driving around the local roads with husband Steve for more than an hour, with a pasty and hot chocolate donated by the Cornish Oven.

The pub was also reported to be trying to find him and give him a meal.

Landlord Darren Briggs told the BBC: "We completely apologise. We did not know who he was.

"Because we have been so busy we have never heard of him."

He said they quickly realised who he was and went after him.

"We took him some food and he was very amicable," he said.

"If we had known he could have had anything he wanted on the house."

Posting on Facebook after comments from people, Speedo Mick said: "It's stopped raining, "I've got soup and the Blue's got a point!

"In all seriousness folks, let's be kind. It's been a difficult time for lots of businesses especially pubs, restaurants etc, they've had a terrible time of it, thankfully many have pulled through.

"Please for me, show love and support they need it. I'm going to ring the pub me self, I hope their alright

"Look I'm sorted now - happy days."

Speedo Mick is marching through Cornwall as part of a 2,400-mile trek across the UK.

His 'giving back tour' involves six months of walking around the UK and Ireland, raising funds for the SpeedoMick Foundation and also donating £250,000 to local charities along the way.

You can donate to the cause: here