The Friends of Tregoniggie Woodland have put out an appeal to find a replacement shipping container to store their tools and equipment.

The original ten-foot container was donated by Cormac to the group which looks after the green corridor of Falmouth woodland between between Empire Way and Conway Road.

However the ageing container has now failed and the friends are hoping that someone might be able to donate a new one but twice the size. What they are looking for is a 20 foot steel container to replace their existing ten foot one.

“Cormac kindly donated the existing steel container which is now no longer big enough for our needs” said Euan McPhee, chair of the friends group. “The steel container also has a number of serious leaks in the roof which is threatening to damage the equipment. As a consequence, several friends are having to store equipment in their garages, which is not ideal."

Friends of Tregoniggie Woodland are a volunteer group formed in 2013. Volunteers improved the site by arranging a range of events encouraging community involvement. Activities include tree planting days, path sweeping, litter-picking and cutting back of brambles.

Anyone who knows of a spare 20 foot steel container which might be surplus to requirements, please contact Euan on 07523611961, or post a message on the Friend’s Facebook page: