A YOUNG man with anger management issues after his father's death took his own life following an argument with his girlfriend.

Clifford Moore, 19, from Redruth was found dead by his partner on April 18 at a stables in Illogan, an inquest heard today.

Detective Constable Charlie Eva told the senior coroner for Cornwall Andrew Cox that the previous evening the couple had met up with friends and gone to Tricky's nightclub in Redruth.

They had drunk alcohol and he and his girlfriend had a falling out after she took his motorcycle keys to stop him from driving.

During the course of the altercation Mr Moore pushed his girlfriend over.

"He then left the scene and she didn't know where he had gone," said DC Eva. She attempted to call and text and to reach him that night but he did not reply. She decided not to drive looking for him as she was not safe to do so and slept in her car.


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The next morning she could not find him at his home address and when she went to Mr Moore's mother Jessica Miller but she had not seen him either.

His partner eventually found him at Penny Reds Ponies riding stables, Old Portreath Road, Redruth but he was already dead.

The inquest heard that Mr Moore had a troubled life following the death of his father and had been treated for depression and anger management issues. He had already had a serious attempt at suicide when he was 15 and had been in trouble with the police.

Mr Cox recorded a verdict that Mr Moore took his own life and intended to do so.

The Samaritans helpline can be contacted on 0330 094 5717.