After the tragic rape and murder of Sarah Everard by then Met Police officer, Wayne Couzens, police forces across the country are finding themselves under increased scrutiny.

One of the fundamental principles of justice in this country is that it must be seen to be done, with those who abuse their position expected to face the consequences of doing so.

With that in mind, here's a list of five serving police officers from Devon and Cornwall Police that have been dismissed by the force over the past year.

  • PC Christopher Caley - Gross Misconduct

Whilst on duty, PC Caley attended a domestic related incident.

During his attendance, PC Caley took the details recorded the telephone number and address of the reporting female.

He then attempted, over a period of several months, to start a relationship with the vulnerable woman and sent her various inappropriate messages from his personal phone.

Despite the woman declining his advances, PC Caley continued to send further inappropriate messages as well as driving past the premises in which the original incident took place a number of times in a police vehicle.

After an investigation by an independent panel, it was agreed PC Caley's action amounted to gross misconduct and he was dismissed on November 17 2020.

  • PC Robert Homan - Gross Misconduct

PC Homan was dismissed from the force and barred from policing after punching the new partner of his ex-wife twice in the face in an unprovoked attack whilst in a nightclub.

At a misconduct hearing, it was determined that PC Homan's actions amounted to gross misconduct in that they breached the standards of professional behaviour expected from a police officer.

PC Homan was dismissed without notice on December 2 2020 and his details were submitted to the College of Policing Barred List to prevent him from working within policing.

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  • PC Kenneth Anscombe - Gross Misconduct

PC Kenneth Anscombe was dismissed from Devon and Cornwall Police after an investigation found that he had been dishonest in order to secure a conviction.

Whilst on duty, PC Anscombe attended an incident with a colleague and arrested a male for being drunk and disorderly.

PC Anscombe subsequently prepared an evidential statement which contained false and exaggerated information to secure the conviction of the male.

PC Anscombe then gave evidence at Magistrates Court which was later found to be inaccurate and misleading, therefore false, and an exaggeration of the events.

He was dismissed on January 29 2021 for gross misconduct.

  • PC Shaun Pearce & PC Daniel Pike - Gross Misconduct

Whilst waiting for its recovery PC Pearce drove a member of the public's high performance vehicle at speeds exceeding the national speed limit when having no authority or permission to do so. During the journey, his colleague, PC Pike, who was in the vehicle with him, filmed him exceeding the speed limit.

PC Pearce later received this footage and shared it with other officers within a Whatsapp group.

At the time of the incident, both PC Pearce and PC Pike were part of the Road Policing 'no excuses' initiative.

Both officers were dismissed on March 25 2021 for gross misconduct.

Reports of concern regarding serving officers can be reported to Devon & Cornwall Police by calling 101 or emailing