The owner of a popular cafe in Falmouth has announced that she will be moving on to new adventures and handing over the lease of the business.

Fiona Crump, owner of the Castle Beach Cafe on Castle Beach in Falmouth has announced that she will be handing over the cafe to her colleague Emily Davidson, who has worked with Fiona at the cafe for the last three seasons.

In the announcement, posted on the cafe's social media channel earlier today, Fiona said it was time to begin a new adventure and to hand the cafe over to someone with younger bones.

Speaking to The Packet, Fiona said: "It's been an interesting couple of years here, but I'm starting a new business and Emily has worked with me for three years so when I mentioned I was going we had a conversation and she was interested in taking over.

"She's super excited and is looking to do pretty much everything I do plus a bit more."

Falmouth Packet: Fiona and EmilyFiona and Emily

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"We've been a bit constrained by Covid so hopefully life will open up a little bit next year."

Emily said: "It's very exciting.

"I'd like to extend the opening hours, opening earlier in the morning and including a breakfast menu.

"We've had to restrict our menu due to Covid, but I'd like to add to it and I'm very interested in supporting local producers.

"Fiona's a difficult act to follow, she has trained me and coached me and is sharing all of her expertise with me.

"I'm very lucky to have her to guide me."

Talking about the new business she would be going on to, Fiona expained: "I'm developing a range of vegan and vegetarian ready-meals that I'm hoping to sell through delis and farm shops.

"Maybe next time I'll spend a little bit of time on the beach with my grandchildren."