The battle to save a primary school lollipop lady has been won for another year - but the fight goes on to come up with a permanent solution.

Parents at King Charles Primary School in Falmouth raised £1,850 through a Crowdfunder campaign to keep on Sue Johns as lollipop lady up to Summer 2022.

This added to £500 from the school and another £1,000 from county councillor Laurie Magowan's community chest fund and another £500 from the PTA meant that the total raised amounted to £3,830.

The organiser of the campaign and parent Sean Stratton said he was pround of the community pulling together.

"It is fantastic news because all the community's pulled together," he said. "The school, the PTA, the mayor chipped in a little bit of money, Laurie with his community chest, a £700 anonymous donation from one parent. All those people coming together to make it happen."


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But he said this is the fifth year that the position has had to be funded by parents for another academic year.

"It's over to our councillors now to look at a long term solution," said Mr Stratton "This will be the fifth year the community and the parents around King Charles School have saved or secured the lollipop lady's position.

"Although obviously she is well loved and wanted it's becoming a battle every year now so how long can we sustain that?"

He says after the dust has settled he will be asking Cornwall and Falmouth Town Council to look at a long term solution to this.

He thanked everyone who had contributed to the fight.

Funding was first withdrawn in 2017 and it has been a fight ever since.