A city council in Cornwall is looking to quell rumours surrounding its Remembrance Sunday service this year.

Truro City Council says it has been made aware of rumours circulating online regarding them charging for services to support the events on Remembrance Sunday.

In a statement sent to The Packet, Truro City Council has said it would like to assure the public that this is not true and that they will continue to support the event, as they have for several years.

Due to the lockdown in November 2020, the Remembrance Sunday parade and public wreath laying were unable to take place.

Members of the public were invited to lay wreaths privately, and an outdoor service was broadcast online.

This year, events are able to take place in-person and Truro City Council is working with partners to finalise the details of this, which will reportedly be released to the public in the coming weeks.

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The Mayor of Truro, Steven Webb, said: "Remembrance Sunday is our opportunity to remember the service and sacrifice of all those that have defended our freedoms.

"Truro plays an important and special role on this day and that will happen again in 2021.

"There has been misinformation and rumours that the day may not go ahead- that is totally untrue.

"Remembrance Sunday will go ahead and we will remember those who have sacrificed so much to protect our democracy and our way of life."

Details of the events will be made available on the Truro City Council website, www.truro.gov.uk, and via Visit Truro, www.visittruro.org.uk.

Updates will also be posted on Truro City Council and Visit Truro social media channels.