Helston Athletic have today completed the transfer of Orlando Anker from South West Peninsula League side Newquay AFC.

The former Aldershot midfielder joins a Helston side who are fighting at the top of the Toolstation Western League.

Anker had been linked with fellow Western League outfit Saltash united but instead signed for the Blues.

Manager Steve Massey confirmed that Anker would be available to make his debut in this weekend's away fixture against Bitton who are top of the table.

Massey thanked Newquay, for their handling of the transfer, he said: "We have had fantastic cooperation from Newquay they have been great, they really have. I can't thank them enough on behalf of our chairman Paul Hendy and the club that they have been great, considerate and thoughtful about the whole situation."

The manager reflected on how the signing had been highly recommended by his players and coaching team: "I was told about him in early September by Rob Hosking, some clips about him came out last week. Both Leigh Robinson and Stu Bowker sent me the clips. Ryan Beattie sent me a message to say 'who's this guy?"

Earlier in the season Newquay also lost top scorer Jack-Bray Evans who made the switch to SWPL leaders Falmouth Town.

Massey explained where he thinks the new addition will fit into the side at Helston and what made him want to sign the midfielder. He said: "He can play anywhere across the midfield. Either wing, as a forward, as a number ten and I have no doubt at all that he can play in the middle of the park.

"He is one of these which I do love, because we are going to miss Kai Cornish who has gone to uni, he has one of the rare abilities which is a forgotten, dying art which is running with the ball.

"I've said it many times before. You ask a defender, the last thing they want to do is have someone running at them and taking them on, and this boy certainly can.

"He comes full of confidence. That's what I like about him. I went to meet him face to face I do that with all my players before I give them any offer, I see their body language, I see what they're about. They can see me. What I did see was a confident guy, not an arrogance, but confidence and he was respectful and I liked that.

"I am really excited about him joining us."

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