A REDUNDANT telephone box on Falmouth's seafront is to be converted into a beach toy exchange.

The joint initiative between Falmouth Town Council and Plastic Free Falmouth initially looked at using five unused telephone boxes around the town for different uses.

However it was found that only the one on Cliff Road near the entrance to Castle Beach was usable.

Deputy mayor Kirstie Edward who initiated the scheme says Plastic Free Falmouth, which she heads, and the council had been looking for suitable locations for a toy exchange for a while.


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"When the opportunity presented itself to us to take on phone boxes, we went around and did an assessment of about five of them," she said.

"I’d hoped to make one a micro library one a seed exchange etc, but unfortunately the others were all in terrible condition. The box by Castle Beach however was salvageable!"

The plan is to put in some metal shelves and hooks and fill it with donated beach toys.

"We find an awful lot of discarded beach toys at beach cleans and people often approach me asking where they can donate toys," said Cllr Edwards.

"This will be free to use on a borrow and return or donate or keep if you need to, a system done entirely on trust.

"We are awaiting the final date for transfer of the box at which point we will spruce it up and get the work done on it and have a public drive to collect items to go in it."