It is one of Helston's most well known properties that has been up for sale for the last two years – but now Lismore House is sold.

Arguably best recognised for its beautiful grounds, which are famously danced through each Flora Day, the house was put on the market by owner Michael Jay back in May 2019.

At the time he explained that, then aged 75, he had realised "there comes a time when you have got to say '24 years is enough'," with the property becoming too big for him and a serious leg problem making walking difficult.


Naturally the two most important questions on everyone's lips are: who has bought it and what will happen about Flora Day?

Mr Jay has always made no secret of the fact that he wanted to sell to someone from Helston who would ensure the Flora Day links were continued.

It was therefore with delight that he accepted an offer from Adam and Sarah Corbridge, who are well known in the town for owning Wearnes Jewellers in Helston and Falmouth, which was founded by Sarah's family – who can be linked back to Henry Trengrouse – in 1869.

Mr Jay said: "It was known to me before it was advertised that the Corbridges were interested in Lismore, through a mutual friend. It was left at that.

"When the house was officially advertised for sale that relationship was re-established.

"I said to the estate agents, 'I will sell the house, but I'm looking for someone local that would continue with the tradition of Flora Day, which is very, very important'.

"I had many people viewing Lismore and for some reason or another I decided I would prefer them not to have it, because they weren't local. That's why it has taken so long – I was in no hurry to sell.


Adam Corbridge with Michael Jay outside Lismore House

Adam Corbridge with Michael Jay outside Lismore House


"Finally the Corbridges came to me and said 'We would like Lismore' and I said 'I'm over the moon and delighted'. They're a well established, well known family; a lovely family."

For their part, the Corbridges are equally pleased, with Sarah saying: "Michael very much wanted it to be a family home and for it to be carried on in the same vein with Flora Day.

"He waited for us to sell and be able to have it. If it wasn't for Michael's love of Helston and the house it could have landed in the hands of somebody that isn't quite so passionate about Helston Flora Day, and I think he really should be commended for that."

Back in 2014 Mr Jay talked of his pleasure at hosting the world-famous event each year, and the military precision operation that leads up to each big day.


Now that task will fall to Adam and Sarah, who are only too excited to be taking it on and have plans to open up the gardens to the community even more, including, hopefully, return of Helston Town Band's Proms in the Park, which was traditionally always held at Lismore.

Adam said: "We're doing it for the town; for Helston. We're going to try and involve it more in the town, with events and things for charity. We'll probably think about doing some weddings – but it will only be local people.


Sarah and Adam Corbridge, pictured dancing the Midday Dance, are passionate about Flora Day and its traditions

Sarah and Adam Corbridge, pictured dancing the Midday Dance, are passionate about Flora Day and its traditions


"Helston needs its own identity and it has got it, and we don't want to lose it. I think Lismore is important for Helston itself, to stay connected."

The Corbridges will be moving their whole family in, including their two daughters, 23-year-old Isabella and 25-year-old Claudia and their partners – and with nine bedrooms there is plenty of space for them.

They have plans to expand on their existing vegetable growing and become self-sufficient, with the property's walled vegetable garden one of the draws.

Contracts were exchanged on Monday this week and the completion date is November 8.

And it appears the sale was written by fate. Both Mr Jay and the Corbridges have lived in their properties for 27 years, both moving in during December 2005.

Even more incredibly, the Corbridges were staying in Wadebridge last weekend – their original plans of Dartmoor having to be changed – when they visited an antiques shop. Sarah commented on how much she liked a statue and two urns, only to be told they had just arrived 'from a manor house in Helston' – Lismore. Happily, Norma the statue and the urns are all making a return back home again.


Lismore House and its grounds are famous for being danced through on Flora Day

Lismore House and its grounds are famous for being danced through on Flora Day


Mr Jay has plans to move abroad to warmer climates, most likely to the Far East, although having visited 26 countries in his lifetime he has a few to choose from.

He will not, he says, be returning for Flora Day next year, explaining: "It will be too sad for me to be here."

The property, which had been on the market with Christophers for a guide price of £1.5 million, has been sold for an undisclosed sum.