A new ten-year plan for the future of transport in Cornwall has been put together – and now it's being thrown open to you to have a say on.

Cornwall Council is asking residents for feedback, after updating Cornwall’s Transport Plan to reflect changes since it was first published in 2011.

The council said: "The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and a recognition that we face a climate change crisis are among the factors that affect how people travel and how goods are moved.  

"The Council has updated Cornwall’s Transport Plan to reflect these and other developments, so that there are robust strategies in place to improve transport over the next decade."

Councillor Philip Desmonde, Cornwall Council portfolio holder for transport, encouraged everyone to have their say.

He said: “This survey will add to our understanding of what residents and stakeholders think about the challenges we face.

“Everyone in Cornwall relies on transport of one form or another to get to school or work, to access vital services and to connect with friends, family and their community. The feedback we receive will help us to continue to shape what we do to make that happen.”

The vision set out in the revised strategy is:

"Transport in Cornwall will strive to be excellent and carbon neutral. Our transport system will connect people, communities, businesses and services in a way that enhances quality of life, is reliable, efficient, safe, healthy and inclusive. People will choose to travel in ways that will have a low impact upon the environment and other people."

Questions in the survey include asking people about whether they would like to reduce their car use and if so how, and gives a series of policies over climate change, economic prosperity and respecting, and enhancing, the environment.

People can also give specific comments over what they would like to see happen.

Mr Desmonde added: “A new era in transport policy is proposed. It is the process by which we support our communities to have an improved quality of life, accessibility and to support a resilient economy. It will be a significant part of delivering our localism agenda with transport at the heart of our public services and daily lives.”

To give your views on the refreshed draft Transport Plan visit letstalk.cornwall.gov.uk/lets-talk-transport 

To request a paper copy of the survey call 0300 1234 222 or email connectingcornwall@cornwall.gov.uk

The survey will be open until Christmas Eve, December 24.