I would like to introduce myself, I am Charlotte, founder of Falmouth Ear Care, where we provide ear assessments, ear micro suction and irrigation. 

I have been a qualified nurse since 2003 and I have spent the majority of my career in primary care, district nursing and practice nursing.

Ear care has been part of my role in both areas. I am a specialist nurse practitioner in District Nursing. I have gained the absolute best in training with Rotherham NHS ear care training.

Working with ear complaints these are the most common statements that I will hear:

  • The neighbour complains that your television is too loud.
  • You start missing parts of conversations in a group of people.Falmouth Packet: There are many factors which can cause ear wax to be a problemThere are many factors which can cause ear wax to be a problem

It might be that your ears are blocked with wax. Blocked ears can lead to balance problems, frustration, social isolation, depression. 

Wax in the ears is normal and provides the ear with a natural balance.  There are many factors to cause wax to be a problem. As we get older the migration of wax slows down and can cause build up.

Anything that is in the ear for long periods such as earphones and hearing aids can stop the natural flow of wax. Working in dusty or dirty environments can cause a build up in the ear. Even a fatty diet can have an impact on wax. Surfers ear is where small bony growth develop in the ear canal and prevent wax from migrating. Then there is the dreaded cotton buds which can push wax far back into the ear canal. 

You might have a loss of hearing or a feeling of fullness in the ear. Here at Falmouth Ear Care we can help. We provide ear assessments, ear micro suction and irrigation. I can give advice and communicate with NHS professionals to gain further referrals if required. 

I am so excited to announce the opening of my beautiful new clinic. My brand new nurse-led clinic is a warm and friendly environment. I have invested in premium equipment to provide you with a safe and comfortable experience. Feel free to call or email to discuss your options!

Email: Info@falmouthearcare.co.uk

Tel: 07475 099 324

Address: 52 Killigrew Street, Falmouth.