Plans have been submitted for a new community centre and affordable homes to be built in Truro.

A planning application has been submitted to demolish the redundant children’s centre in Malabar and replace it with a new community centre while a pre-application has been submitted for plans to build nine affordable homes.

Under the plans the community centre will be multi-purpose, have parking spaces, a communal allotment area and solar panels on the roof.

The centre itself will have a multipurpose community room, two meeting rooms, two offices, a kitchen, toilet facilities and storage rooms.

A supporting letter submitted as part of the application for the community centre states that it could be used by children’s services. It also says that the parking area could be used by parents dropping off and collecting children from the nearby school.

South West Community Builds said in a letter: “The overall conclusion of this application is that it is a much needed resource within an area of high levels of deprivation.

“This community hub will provide a wealth of services (job training, combat social isolation, children’s and family services) in a warm, inviting building.”

The connected pre-application submission for the affordable housing explains that it is proposed to build nine homes which would be a mix of one and two-bedroom flats for affordable rent.

Truro Community Land Trust has made the submission and explains that the pre-application has been made jointly with the community centre plans at the request of Cornwall Council’s planning department.

This is due to the building which was to be demolished now having been designated a Grade II listed building. It wants to make sure that the two developments will fit in with the listed building.

It explains that the two developments will be the subject of separate planning applications once the pre-application advice has been received.

The plans for the community centre have received support from the headteacher of Truro Learning Academy.

Falmouth Packet: Image of the proposed Malabar Community CentreImage of the proposed Malabar Community Centre

Francesca Humberstone said: “The development will provide a much needed dedicated space for children’s services and the family hub to meet with families and children, as well as facilities for community events.

“At present, the existing disused building is an eyesore for visitors to the local community and school.

“The new development will provide a much more welcoming approach to our school at the end of Albany Road, in particular the green space planned in the form of allotments.

“Driving and parking down Albany Road has often caused problems for families and staff and the plans have taken this into account, with more space afforded for parking and turning around at the end of the road. The development will therefore be safer for our pupils.

“It is my understanding that the new development will be fenced off, with a gate that can be locked outside of community use hours. This should serve to prevent any antisocial behaviour. Overall, I consider the plans to be well thought out and a much better use of an existing ugly and disused space.”

Maggie West commented: “I wholeheartedly support the new community centre,it will offer untold opportunities to local people which will be of benefit to their physical and mental well being.

“The practical means of a focus in the form of a community centre to give those life chances to all age ranges are limitless, once there is a place built specifically for the purpose.”

And Richard Hall said: “I wholeheartedly support this application. The area has needed a focal point for many years. The new centre will be a great boon for the people of Malabar young and old.

“The Community Association will be able to provide vital social interaction for the elderly and isolated, bringing people together. A place where families and friends can gather for group activities, social support, generating a sense of community. Children’s services will be more accessible to residents also, the proposal would bring a derelict site back into positive use.”

No date has been indicated for when a decision will be made about the planning applications.