Sewage is being pumped from Coverack for the second time in two years this week after another leak broke out.

Tankers can be seen outside the Old Mill Shop and further along the road, which have been transporting sewage away from the site for the last three days.

It is due to a burst sewage main, said to be on private land in the village.

A South West Water spokesperson said: “We were alerted to a burst on a sewage main on private land in Coverack on Friday evening. We immediately attended the site and stopped the flows as quickly as possible.

“Our team is working hard to repair the pipe and are using tankers to transport sewage away from the site.

"We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.”

It is just over two years ago since the problem last emerged.

Back in July 2019 a warning was made to stay off the beach due to a sewage leak.

South West Water brought out pumps to clear the run off and the Environment Agency was also involved.

While the sewage could be seen running from the centre of the village and onto the beach, Marshall Dagger, owner of the Old Mill Shop, said that the source of the leak that time was higher up the hill.

He described it as "liquid sewage" but said it was not a huge area.

There had already been previous problems, when a blockage caused sewage to leak out, which led to the road having to be dug up.

Fortunately that did not have to happen in 2019, which was described as a 'category three' incident, where category one is the most severe.

The issue was later alleviated after two tidal cycles, with South West Water samples showing nothing to suggest the water was unsafe to swim in.