A solar farm that could produce enough electricity to power more than 7,000 homes has been proposed for Barripper near Camborne.  

The Copper Bottom Solar Farm is being developed by Bristol-based Aura Power. The proposals promise a subsidy-free solar farm of up to 30 megawatt capacity that would generate enough renewable electricity to supply the equivalent of over 7,000 typical homes or to power 10,600 electric vehicles annually.

Residents, councillors and other members of the community have been invited to a public consultation for the solar farm. 

Aura Power is holding two public consultation events about its plans: a virtual consultation online, using the Zoom webinar platform, on Wednesday November 24 at 6pm, followed by a drop-in face-to-face event and public exhibition on Wednesday, December 1 2021, between 4 and 7pm at Barripper Methodist Church, TR14 0QU.

Both events will provide an opportunity for local people to view the current plans, ask questions and provide feedback to the Aura project team, which Aura will take into account where feasible before submitting its planning application.

Chris Featonby, UK Development Manager, Aura Power, said: “Cornwall Council was one of the first local authorities to declare a climate emergency and has a commendable target to become carbon neutral by 2030. Cornwall is the sunniest place in the UK and solar power is already delivering a range of benefits for local communities and the county.

“Copper Bottom Solar Farm would help to build on this success, with a range of biodiversity benefits including wildflower planting and new trees, and a community fund of up to £10,500 a year.

"Solar is now one of the cheapest new ways of generating power, helping bring down energy bills for everyone, and is a key technology underpinning the government’s new Net Zero strategy. We hope to see lots of local people at one of our events where we can discuss our plans in more detail.”

The site is already well screened with existing hedgerows and woodland.

This will be enhanced with new planting which will include more native trees and hedgerows and species-rich wildflower meadows around the panels, which will also boost biodiversity. The site will continue in agricultural use with sheep grazing for part of the year.

Aura is also planning to set up a Community Benefit Fund of £10,500 a year, index-linked (based on £350 per megawatt capacity), for the 30-year life of the solar farm.

A proportion of this would be set aside for yearly educational sessions with local schools and site visits to the solar farm.

Around 500 invitations have been sent out by post to local people living near the proposed site.

Those interested in attending the webinar will need to register in advance, via the following link on the Aura Power website: www.aurapower.co.uk/copperbottom-solar-farm