A 95 year old artist will be exhibiting his climate change works at an art space in Penryn this December.

From Thursday November 18 to Saturday December 13, artist Ken Turner will be joining the Fish Factory Arts Space for an exhibition encompassing painting, workshops, talks and a performance piece.

Following the UN’s COP26 Conference, this exhibition aims to empower the community to challenge climate change in creative ways, bringing people together with interactive workshops and activities.

Born in India in 1926 and arriving in the UK as a child, Turner seeks to challenge western modes of thinking with his practice.

Following several solo exhibitions in London, the painter and former pictureframer founded ‘Action Space’ in the 1960s.

The performance and community art group was integral to developing Turner’s practice.

Ken explains: "What inspired me was how the movements of the body in performance can relate to the physical act of painting.

"And the act of painting for me is very physical as well as emotional.”

"We see it now as COP26 is not doing enough for the poorer people of this world.

"I am appalled at the way big corporations and rich countries ignore the disasters happening now.

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"My paintings concern fire and flood, insect life, forests, drought, extinction of animals, a very angry Gaia, famine, destruction of plants and more.

"Paintings and performance can tell a story and I hope this makes a difference."

In mainstream media, younger generations are frequently portrayed as the central activists in the face of climate change, which is why Ken Turner, a nonagenarian and long-term advocate for the climate, will present his exhibition at the Fish Factory Arts, a creative community space for people of all ages.

A member of Newlyn’s Society of Artists, Turner has a longstanding connection to the Cornish art scene with past exhibitions at Newlyn Art Gallery as well as a collaborative history with Tate St Ives.

During his exhibition at the Fish Factory Arts, Ken Turner will host a talk-performance on Saturday November 20 at 1pm in collaboration with dancer Stephanie Richards.

The performance piece is called 'Painting and the Crisis of Climate Change.’

This afternoon event will be perfect for anyone who wishes to engage with climate activism in a creative way.

There will also be two family workshops on Sunday December 5, where participants will be invited to contribute to large scale floor paintings.

The first workshop will be from 11am to 1pm and the second workshop will be from 2pm to 4pm.

Rolls of paper, waterbased paints, brushes and aprons will be provided and there will be cleaning stations for all participants who contribute to this piece of public art.

Free tickets will be available on Eventbrite and more information can be found at www.fishfactoryarts.space or via social media @fishfactoryarts.

Ken Turner’s exhibition will open on November 18 and will run until the December 13 at the Fish Factory Arts, Penryn.