Two people have been chosen to switch on Falmouth's Christmas lights this year – and their names have now been revealed.

It is traditional in Falmouth for the public to nominate who should get the honour of switching on the town's lights display at the end of each November.

They are usually people who have done special for the town, and this year is no exception.

Switching on the Christmas lights next Thursday will be not one but two people, in the form of Andrea Fifield and Pete Marland.

They gave up their time during lockdown to make scrubs for the NHS, while they were at home unable to work.

The full reason for them being chosen can be summed up in one of the nominations, which read: "I would like to nominate Andrea Fifield and Pete Marland to turn the Christmas lights on in Falmouth this year. I feel these two both deserve this opportunity and magical moment, they are the most selfless people I know.

"During the pandemic, like many, life was really tough. Both had to be at home and unable to work; this was a really worrying time for them both.

"However, instead of sitting back worrying they both decided to do something to use their time and help others. They decided to start sewing.

"They began sewing scrubs for the NHS. They spent many hours doing this and not only sewing and creating them, they delivered to hospitals and people in need of them as well. They did this for many months to ensure shortages were not made.

"As well as sewing these they also sewed bags out of waste fabric and delivered them to a local charity for them to sell in their shops and raise funds for the particular charity.

"Along with all of these dedicated unpaid hours they provided they also checked upon the community seeing if anyone was in need of any help and regularly checking in.

"These two people's act of kindness has blown me away. They continue to this day. Even though they are both back working they continue sewing and supporting people in need. It’s really amazing.

"They are both fun, loving people who would do anything to support anyone. It was a huge time in their lives which was so tricky, but instead of worrying and dwelling they wanted to help others in need.

"I really hope they get this opportunity. They deserve this so much."

Andrea and Pete will now be up on the big stage on The Moor next Thursday, November 25, ready to switch on the lights at 7pm.

The evening will follow a similar format to 2019, with the parade leaving Events Square and Discovery Quay at around 5.30pm to 5.40pm.

It will then move up through the town to The Moor, where various performances will take place including the primary school children on the stage.

The lights will be switch on will be at 7pm.

Falmouth town manager Richard Gates said: "Thanks to Gwyn Richards and his team from Reach Maintenance who have been busy working to install the display."