PEOPLE across the country are being urged to get their booster jabs as Boris Johnson says he cannot rule out the country going into lockdown over Christmas.

In the meantime who thinks Christmas comes earlier every year? Our neighbours already have their Christmas decorations up and it is only November.

Even in our household our son says he would be quite happy to have the Christmas decorations up now, well you can imagine how that conversation went.

Mind you it’s understandable. If there’s the possibility Christmas will be cancelled people want to get it in early.

Things are looking pretty bad over on the Covid front in the old EU, with cases increasing. But while cases here are increasing hospital admissions are on a slower trajectory.

Some of the arguments against people getting the booster or even vaccines itself are getting more and more varied.

A new one on me is that people are refusing to get the vaccine until all the people of the world are vaccinated, not just the rich countries. In a lot of the poorer countries, people are waiting to get their first vaccine, let alone their booster. Very commendable I am sure, but perhaps not the right way to go about it.

Another new argument is that apparently all the scientists who invented the vaccine are now dead against it and are trying to stop it, quoting reports that no-one can verify. Doing your own research on this one often ends up meaning watching some videos on YouTube and Facebook.

Anyway the Skipper’s geared up to save Christmas, my booster jab’s already booked!