A group of volunteers in Cornwall have set up a scheme which looks to reduce food waste across the Duchy.

The Gleaning Network Cornwall is a community interest company that has been set up in order to redistribute food produce from farms and growers to foodbanks, soup kitchens and other charities that feed those most in need.

The idea behind the network sees volunteer groups arrange to harvest surplus crops to be distributed amongst a growing network of local food projects and food banks.

In an explainer posted on its crowdfunder page, the Gleaning Network Cornwall said: "Farmers currently work with incredibly tight margins.

Falmouth Packet: Volunteers harvesting produceVolunteers harvesting produce

"Sometimes it is uneconomic to harvest all the vegetables or fruit as they grow at different rates, there may be a glut, the market might change and some are just not up to supermarket standards being wonky, too big or small.

"Reducing food miles by sourcing local produce is of obvious benefit and by harvesting veg rather than letting it rot, we are using the energy/carbon put into the food rather than wasting it.

"Our current crisis with food security and food poverty all adds to the relevance and importance of out project."

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Falmouth Packet: The network consists of farmers, foodbanks and charitiesThe network consists of farmers, foodbanks and charities

The group say their work throughout the summer was made simpler by the dryer weather which enabled them to drive directly on to the fields its volunteers were harvesting and load up their vehicles.

However, now that the wetter weather is rearing its head, the group has set up a fundraiser in order to raise money to purchases two off-road vehicles to ensure their work continues throughout he winter.

"This fund will help us buy two second hand 4x4 vehicles that we can use to load up with equipment, tow trailers of veg and transport our produce across the fields and to the wider community," The group explained.

Falmouth Packet: Volunteers are fighting food waste across the DuchyVolunteers are fighting food waste across the Duchy

"By helping to buy these vehicles, you will be enabling us to continue harvesting through some of the toughest months to provide fresh, healthy and local food to those most in need in our county.

"Thank you so much for your help."

If you would like to donate to the fundraiser, visit: shorturl.at/dfmzY