In 1956 my parents took the family on holiday to what we were told at the time was Redruth. Myself, two older brothers and younger sister had a ball at this place, even only being there for one week.

I have lived in Australia since 1971 and have scoured the Cornwall coastline with Google Earth but cannot find this area. At the time we were picked up at the train station and chauffeured to the chalet we were to stay at.

The best description of the area is to say it reminded me of a "caldera" with an opening on one side to the sea and on the other side, and near the top was what looked to us as an air shaft for a tin mine. It was a hole in the ground with a rock wall around it.

Between the sea and the "shaft" the area was dotted with a number of chalets and the chalet we had was called Bijaygo, I'm not sure if I have the correct spelling but it was pronounced Bejaygo.

In 2016 I returned to the UK and with my sister went looking for this spot and, as mentioned earlier, could not find it so I am hoping that if this is published then one of your readers might recall where we are looking for.

I think from memory the road in had a shop on the left of the road? I/we would be most grateful if you could ask your readers if they have any thoughts on where we might have stayed.

I will be revisiting my sister in April/May 2022 and would love to revisit one of our happiest times. We realise this happened many years ago but we live in hope. Many thanks for any help you or your readers can offer.

Dennis Helmore