A school in Falmouth has had its application for a new community bike track approved with conditions.

Falmouth Community School has been granted planning approval to build a woodland bike track just off its playing fields behind the site of the old Budock Hospital.

The 500m multi-purpose bike track will be used by Carrick Riders and Dirt Bike school will use the track for their club which will take place between March-October with a combined usage of six hours per week.

The plans were conditionally approved with a long-term woodland management plan spanning tens years also required.

One of the conditions also stated that no artificial lighting would be installed or provided along the track's route so as to prevent light pollution in the area.

Falmouth Packet: The entrance to the woodlandThe entrance to the woodland

The track will include jumps, table tops, rollers and banked turns, known as berms.

It will be built in current unused woodland at the bottom of one of the Falmouth School fields and will feature as an ‘outdoor zone’ where cycling will be the main feature of the area.

The school says the aim of this project is to provide opportunities for the community of Falmouth within cycling that they don’t currently have.

One resident said in support of the track: "I strongly support the building of the community bike track at Falmouth School.

"It will provide an invaluable resource to the school community and will also greatly benefit the local and wider community.

"It will encourage physical activity and benefit user's health, well-being and self-esteem."

Falmouth Packet: A typical existing path in the woodA typical existing path in the wood

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In its design and access statement, the application notes: "The cycle track will expand the range of recreational facilities available to the school and the wider community in an area of urban fringe rural land which already serves such recreational purposes.

"The track will be fitted within the existing semi-natural woodland with minimal interference and enhancement measures will upgrade the diversity and ecological value of the affected area.

"The aim of this project is to provide opportunities for the community of Falmouth within cycling that they don’t currently have.

"The track will be based at Falmouth School and will be used by students during curriculum time and many extra-curricular opportunities within cycling will also be provided to engage 11-18 year olds at Falmouth School with the sport of cycling and inspire them to cycle outside of school through community clubs including Dirt Bike School and Carrick Riders.

"In addition to the partnership between Falmouth School, Carrick Riders and Dirt Bike School, Falmouth school also have positive links with the Dracena Centre which is a community centre at the heart of Falmouth that offer various activities/programmes that are inclusive for all.

Falmouth Packet: Entrance to the playing field leading to the woodlandEntrance to the playing field leading to the woodland

"In time a partnership between Falmouth School and the Dracena centre could also be created to target specific groups of people into cycling to show them the many benefits."

In addition to the community use, the application states the track would also be offered to the school's five feeder primary schools for use at available times during the school day and after school to introduce the sport to young riders.

The application also states that, to ensure the track is accessible for all riders within the school and wider community, the project will also look to purchase and store 30 mountain bikes and helmets, as well as suitable storage to keep the bikes secure and well maintained.

It then confirms that a range of sizes will be purchased to ensure all riders from across the community groups would have access to a bike.