Could you offer one of these handsome hounds, being cared for at National Animal Welfare Trust Cornwall, a forever home?

There are a variety of reasons a dog may end up at a rehoming centre, but what they all want is to find an understanding and loving home to call their own.

So, if you’re looking for a four-legged friend to love, could one of these be your new companion?

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Falmouth Packet: Bruce is being cared for at the National Animal Welfare Trust in CornwallBruce is being cared for at the National Animal Welfare Trust in Cornwall

Breed: Patterdale Terrier Cross
Age: 5-10 years

Bruce is a Patterdale by name and a Patterdale by nature, having all the true terrier traits in abundance.

Don’t let his greying muzzle lead you into a false sense of senior dog hood, he is up for walking many miles with the odd hedge dive thrown in for good measure.

Bruce is looking for a new home with owners up for some quality time, adventures and cuddles of course.

He does have a very independent side and the adage “let sleeping dogs lie” certainly is true to Bruce.

When he is snoozing, don’t mess with him, or he will tell you! That’s why he can’t live with young children that may startle him.

Bruce currently lives with five cats and puts up with them after careful introductions. But he may have a sneaky chase when no one is looking.

Other dogs he is happy to walk past out and about. He is generally a happy little chap at home, so if you are up for a new best buddy in your life, Bruce is your man.

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Falmouth Packet: Colin the Collie is being looked after by National Animal Welfare Trust in CornwallColin the Collie is being looked after by National Animal Welfare Trust in Cornwall

Breed: Collie
Age: 5-10 years

Colin is a fun, water-loving collie. Weighing in at a hefty 45kg, he has been put on a weight management plan to help lose the extra lockdown pounds.

His new owners will need to continue this to help Colin achieve his goal weight.

He knows all of the basic commands - sit, down and roll over - and loves to exercise his mind with mental stimulation and enrichment.

Due to a lack of socialisation and boredom, he has developed a reactive side and will chase delivery drivers/posties and visitors.

In his new home, Colin will need some kind of "Visitor Protocol" and boundaries. He will also react and bark at other dogs, but the trainer says this is workable and will improve with positive training.

Due to his size and strength, Colin could potentially knock little people over and will need a strong person on the other end of the lead until he's learnt to walk nicely.

He can live with sensible teenagers.

Colin loves his toys, especially the ball, and will play well, and is looking for a fun home where he would be the only animal with people that can offer him the time and compassion to work with his quirky side.

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Falmouth Packet: Toby is waiting for a forever home at NAWT CornwallToby is waiting for a forever home at NAWT Cornwall

Breed: Crossbreed
Age: 1 year

Toby is a year-old Cocker Spaniel X Basset Hound.

He will need new owners with experience owning high energy breeds like hounds or working spaniels who will understand how to engage with him and channel his energy in a positive direction.

Toby is described by the team as a boisterous puppy in a big dog's body - he loves to have fun and can turn any situation into a game to amuse himself. It's important his new owners understand he needs the balance of having boundaries and structure alongside the freedom to be a young dog.

Toby will need constant supervision indoors and although he may come across as very confident and outgoing, he does have a very nervous side and can get easily spooked/worried by things that might seem very normal to humans.

He could potentially live with a calm well-balanced dog, but does need to learn to relax and calm down, which he may struggle to do with another boisterous dog. 

Toby is a very intelligent boy and works really well for a food reward. He can still get over excited easily, but is coming on leaps and bounds with training.

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