This week's Packet Camera Club sees a whole host of stunning images sent in by our intrepid members on their travels.

With the festive season rearing its jolly head, this week's Packet Camera Club is making the most of the penultimate month of 2021 and featuring a selection of stunning images and photographs before we move on to a more festive theme.

Christmas is just around the corner and our members have been documenting the transition from autumn to winter with their most recent submissions.

This week's curated collection includes several stunning sunsets, frozen foliage and gravity-defying dogs.

Honourable mentions this week go to Rob Jones for his spectacular sunset snap of Fistral beach in Newquay that really shows off the autumnal colours of early evening Cornwall.

Also getting an honourable mention this week is Sarah Louise Bowers for her photo of frozen foliage, demonstrating the plummeting temperatures after a somewhat mild last few months.

Keep on sending in your submissions and make sure to keep an eye on the Facebook group page for all the latest pictures and images.

Thank you to everyone who has joined and contributed to our camera club so far!

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