This week's edition of Step Back in Time relives September 1976 and the installation of the sixth Grand Bard of the Cornish Gorsedd.

The Packet of Friday, September 10 1976 reported: “In a wind-swept field overlooking Hayle towans and the bay on Saturday, Mr. Richard G. Jenkin, of Leedstown, was installed as the sixth Grand Bard of the Cornish Gorsedd. About 500 people gathered in the biting-cold wind under grey skies in the grounds of Hayle Secondary School to witness the 28th Cornish Gorsedd. Mr. Jenkin, a schoolmaster at Helston, was installed as Grand Bard by the retiring Grand Bard, Mr. Denis Trevanion, at the close of the Gorsedd ceremony.

Earlier in the month, the Packet on Friday 3 September 1976 reported on an exhibition at the Poly of some 100 items of craftwork and paintings by Mr & Mrs J Ponting and Mr & Mrs R Logan (newspaper cutting supports the photo).

Falmouth’s Champion Gardener had a sunnier day in 1976, as did the Guide Dog fete a little earlier in the year. Mr Cock is another amazing model-maker, with the tools to do a perfect job.

The photos have kindly been provided by Falmouth History Archive.

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