Thousands of homes across Cornwall have been left without power this morning after the Duchy took a battering from Storm Arwen.

One of the worst affected areas is west Cornwall, including around Hayle.

More than 1,500 homes in two locations at Riviere Towans are unlikely to get their electricity back until 2pm, after problems were first reported at 4.05am affecting 377 homes still at postcodes TR27 5AF, TR27 4QD, TR27 4QE, TR27 5AN, TR27 5AD, TR27 4QJ, TR27 5AJ, TR27 5AB, TR27 5AH, TR27 5AW, TR27 4QL, TR27 4QN, TR27 4QG, TR27 4QQ, TR27 4QH, TR27 4QF, TR27 5AE, TR27 5AA, TR27 5AL, TR27 5AY, TR27 5AR, TR27 5AX, TR27 5AT, TR27 4PQ, TR27 5BX.

Then at 4.12am further issues were reporting affecting 1,175 homes still at postcodes TR26 2NU, TR26 2NR, TR26 2LJ, TR27 6LL, TR26 2NS, TR26 3LJ, TR26 3EB, TR26 3DL, TR26 3JS, TR26 3ES, TR27 6GP, TR26 2FN, TR26 3JX, TR27 6NU, TR26 3EA, TR26 3DZ, TR27 6GH, TR26 3LL, TR26 3DR, TR26 3JP, TR26 3EW, TR26 3DJ, TR26 2LG, TR26 3LH, TR26 3LB, TR26 3EF, TR26 3JG, TR26 3BG, TR26 3EZ, TR20 8AP, TR20 8BD, TR27 6NL, TR26 3LF, TR26 3JY, TR26 3EN, TR26 2LT, TR27 6GE, TR20 8AR, TR26 3DP, TR20 8AY, TR26 3JU, TR26 3DY, TR27 6NH, TR26 3LD, TR26 3DW, TR26 2NY, TR27 6GJ, TR26 3BN, TR26 3HY, TR26 3LG, TR26 3JB, TR26 2LP, TR26 2NX, TR26 3HG, TR27 6GQ, TR27 6NW, TR26 3LN, TR27 6NS, TR26 2RD, TR26 3BH, TR27 6GN, TR26 2LW, TR20 8AZ, TR20 8NQ, TR26 3EE, TR26 3JF, TR26 3EL, TR26 3ED, TR27 6NJ, TR26 3HF, TR26 3EJ, TR26 3EQ, TR27 6NT, TR26 3EX, TR27 6NR, TR20 8AT, TR26 3JE, TR26 3JR, TR26 2LF, TR26 3DX, TR20 8AU, TR26 3HA, TR26 2NZ, TR20 8AX, TR26 3JQ, TR26 3HZ, TR27 6HB, TR26 3DU, TR27 6NX, TR27 6NP, TR27 6GL, TR27 6LH, TR26 3JN, TR26 3EU, TR26 3EG, TR26 3DQ, TR27 6LG, TR26 3EP, TR26 3ER, TR26 3LT, TR27 6LW, TR27 6LJ, TR26 3JZ, TR26 3HU, TR20 8BE, TR20 9AP, TR26 3LQ, TR26 3LE, TR26 3LA, TR26 3HR, TR26 3BE, TR26 3DT, TR27 6LQ, TR27 6NN, TR26 3ET, TR27 6LN, TR27 6LR, TR27 6JG, TR26 3TD, TR26 3JT, TR26 3HS, TR26 3EY, TR26 3HX, TR27 4PS, TR20 8NA, TR26 3LP, TR26 3JD, TR26 2NT, TR26 3HE, TR27 6GB, TR27 4BL.

Western Power Distribution said: "We are aware of this power cut incident which was raised at 4.12am this morning and our engineers are working to get the power returned as quickly as possible. We are sorry for any inconvenience this is causing you."

At nearby Angarrack 37 properties at postcodes TR27 5JD and TR27 5JE have had no power since 7.35am and are not expected to get it back until 11.13am.

It is a similar story at Towshend, where an issue was reported at 5.48am and is likely to continue until 2.30pm, affecting 17 homes at TR27 6AR, TR27 4DL, TR27 6AT, TR27 6AE, TR27 6AB, TR27 6AD and TR27 6AU.

At Stithians there are five properties without electricity, reported at 6.37am and not expecting it to return until 2.30pm at one postcode, TR3 7HL.

In Carclew near Perranarwrothal 16 properties in the TR3 7PB postcode have reported an incident since 9.18am, with Western Power expecting a return at 12.41pm.

Not far away in Devoran, six properties at TR3 7NR and TR3 7NS can expect to be without power until 2pm, after it went off just before 9am.

In Trewithian 297 homes can expect no electricity for most of the day, having reported an incident at 9.46am and Western Power not expecting to get it back on until 9.30pm.

It affects postcodes TR2 5ET, TR2 5AU, TR2 5AT, TR2 5EY, TR2 5BD, TR2 5EF, TR2 5ES, TR2 5EZ, TR2 5EX, TR2 5XA, TR2 5AY, TR2 5AX, TR2 5UN, TR2 5UH, TR2 5HA, TR2 5EU, TR2 5BA, TR2 5EN, TR2 5AS, TR2 5EE and TR2 5AJ.

However, in Truro 14 affected properties can expect power back at lunchtime, at around 1pm, after reporting it going down at 6.16am in postcodes TR1 1TA, TR1 1TB and TR1 1SX.

Further along the coast at St Agnes, 32 homes can hope to get electricity back by 12 noon, having had it off since 5.50am, in postcodes TR5 0SP, TR5 0SR, TR5 0RR, TR5 0AR and TR5 0SE.

And at Mithian, five properties in the TR5 0PY postcode have had no electricity since 7am but can home to get it back by just after 12.15pm.

Issues continue further up the county, including at St Columb Major, Foxhole, Looe and St Minver.