More than 100 requests have been received from areas in Cornwall which would like to see speed limits reduced to 20 miles per hour.

Cornwall Council Cabinet member for transport, Philip Desmonde, has made introducing more 20mph zones a priority since the Conservatives took control at County Hall in May.

He has said that the move would improve safety as well as the environment for residents in areas all over Cornwall.

And he has said that he hopes that eventually all areas which currently have 30mph limits will be reduced to 20mph.

At a meeting of full council this week Cllr Desmonde was asked for an update on the scheme, which he said was a “good news story”.

He told councillors that the council had received “about 130 requests for 20mph zoning” and said that these ranged from single roads to entire villages and whole Community Network Areas, which are council designated areas bringing together towns and villages, encouraging town and parish councils to work alongside Cornwall councillors.

Cllr Desmonde said: “What I find remarkable is that the office has not asked areas to come forward – they just have.”

He said that it was estimated that around 700 roads in Cornwall currently have 20mph limits and he said that it was hoped that the scheme could double that.

The council has already started work on a pilot scheme which will see 21 projects rolled out – Cllr Desmonde said that these would include extensions to existing 20mph areas, new variable speed limits and zoning.

He added: “Eventually we would like to reduce the limit to 20mph where it is currently 30mph so we have a default position for Cornwall for 20mph zones.”

The first schemes are set to be introduced in May and June 2022 and the council will then monitor them in August before bringing a review back to an overview and scrutiny committee.

Reports will then be presented to Cabinet by the end of 2022 to look at the impact of the first phase and look at delivering the rest of the proposed schemes.