A FALMOUTH artist has had his work brought to life for a second time in a new children's book.

Local illustrator, Steve Pearce, who is based near Falmouth, will see his illustrations published for a second time after William and Ailsa Stonor, authors of The Legend of Tumblestone Hollow, this week announced the launch of the second book in the series - The Moon Witch And The Thief.

Following the success of the first book in the series, which told the story of how Stonor’s new adventure playground mysteriously arrived, the second hardback storybook continues the tale, focussing on the Moon Witch, and is brought to life by Steve’s illustrations.

Written by acclaimed children’s author Amy Sparkes – the new hardback storybook is aimed at children aged seven plus – and tells the tale of woodland wonder, magic and mystery as the terrible Moon Witch tries to steal the ancient and magical moon stone for herself in order to discover its powerful secrets.

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Lady Ailsa of Stonor Park said: "It was incredibly important to us that our wonderful new playground had a narrative that anchors it to Stonor.

"The ancient standing stones have been here long before the house and parkland and they are such an important part of Stonor.

"Steve’s interpretation of the Moon Witch captures her personality perfectly and is an exciting interpretation of Amy’s central character.

"We asked our eight-year-old daughter Cecily for feedback on the first drawings from Steve and she absolutely gave us the thumbs up.

"Cecily has enjoyed this story immensely – she was enthralled by it and laughed out loud as she found it so funny!"

Illustrator Steve Pearce said: "Developing the whimsical and magical characters who live at Tumblestone Hollow and working with William and Ailsa on this project has been a wonderful experience.

"The Moon Witch was a dream character to draw because she is so visually exciting."