Great Western Railway have offered a touching tribute to Cornish comedian Jethro after his death was announced this morning.

In a statement on his official Facebook page, Jethro's management said: "It is with tremendous sadness that we announce the passing of the well known and popular Cornish comedian Jethro.

"Tragically Jethro passed away on 14th December 2021 after contracting Covid-19."


Now GWR have paid tribute by recognising one of the comedian's most famous jokes, 'This Train Don't Stop Camborne Wednesdays'.

At Camborne Train Station today a message reads on the platform bulletin board: "RIP Jethro 1948 - 2021"

GWR also sent a tweet this morning on Twitter, to say: "We were really sad to hear about the passing of Jethro.

"May you rest peacefully in the knowledge that the train does indeed now stop at Camborne on Wednesdays."

However, in a twist that the comedian would undoubtedly have chuckled over, the company then had to follow it up by admitting: "Except for today, as we are running a rail replacement service due to improvement works."

Great Western Railways tribute to Jethro at Camborone Train Station Picture: GWR

Great Western Railway's tribute to Jethro at Camborone Train Station Picture: GWR

Speaking about the tribute, a GWR spokesperson told the Packet: "One of Jethro’s most famous gags is ‘This Train Don’t Stop Camborne Wednesdays’ and we wanted to honour his passing with our own small tribute at the station.

“Of course, trains do now stop at Camborne on Wednesdays, but the irony is they aren’t today because of rail improvement works, with buses operating instead. We’re sure he’d have a cheeky smile about that…”

For those unfamiliar with the joke, here is the Camborne sketch in full (minus a few of the swear words!)

This Train Don't Stop Camborne Wednesdays

I said, 'How long 'efore we get to Camborne?'

He said, 'Camborne? It will be 'bout ten minutes.'

I said 'That would be fantastic.'

He said, 'Have you gotta get off Camborne?'

I said 'Yes, I've gotta get off Camborne.'

He said, 'It's Wednesday.'

I said, 'What difference does that make?'

He said, 'We don't stop Camborne Wednesdays.'

I said 'You've gotta stop, 'cause I've gotta get off.'

He said 'Listen, fat gov. We don't stop Camborne Wednesdays. We never have stopped Camborne Wednesdays and I don't think we ever will stop Camborne Wednesdays.'

I said 'You gotta stop, 'cause I've gotta get off. I've gotta see Slivalong Trevaskis on the platform.'

I said 'If you don't stop, I'll pull the b***** cord!'

He said 'Don't pull the b***** cord! Have you gotta get off?'

I said 'I've gotta get off, it's life or death.'

He said 'Well I like you.'

I said, 'I wish I could say same about you.'

He said 'I'll have a word with the driver and see if I can the driver to slow up going through Camborne.'

He said 'When we slow up alongside the platform, I'll hang you out the window and you start to run in mid air. When I think you're running the right speed I shall drop you.'

B****** he never slowed up at all! He come into Camborne, he's b***** flying!

He said 'Faster, faster!'

I couldn't go no faster! And when he dropped me, Christ... I went up the platform like a cut cat!

I said 'The next problem is, is the platform going to be long enough for me to stop?'

I said 'They don't stop Wednesdays but I'm off the b***** train anyway. The fact I'm still doing 70mph is nothing to do with it at all.'

And do you know? The next carriage along a man put his arm out the door and dragged me in. 'Jethro he said, you're lucky to catch this train. It don't stop Camborne Wednesdays.'