With Christmas just a day away and the kids unable to contain their excitement Parkdean Resorts has come up with a list of budget-friendly activities to help the whole family stay entertained as they count down the hours.

  • Salt dough Christmas decorations

Salt dough Christmas decorations are a fun addition to the family Christmas tree and are a great interactive activity for families to explore baking and decorating.

There are easy to follow recipes online, with only a handful of ingredients needed.

  • Christmas film marathon

Christmas is the perfect excuse to get snuggled up on the sofa and watch all your favourite Christmas films together.

Parkdean recommends having a look through upcoming TV guides and setting aside a day to binge watch all the classics - with the perfect addition of matching PJ’s of course!

  • Paper-chain snowflakes

Paper-chain snowflakes can turn your family home into a winter wonderland, and only requires a pair of scissors and any type of paper you’ve got already in your home.

  • Make your own wrapping paper

Add that handmade effect to your loved ones' Christmas gifts this year and get creative with your craft skills.

Let your family's imagination run wild with glitter, eye catching prints, and endless colouring.

  • Track Santa online

Norad have created their very own Santa tracker so you and your family can see what Santa’s up to from December 1 onwards - the perfect activity to get the whole family in the Christmas spirit.

  • Festive baking

From mince pies, to gingerbread men, the possibilities for festive baking are endless and can make your home smell incredibly inviting for any guests this Christmas.

Baking is also a great interactive activities for kids to explore flavours and doughy textures.

  • Hot chocolate creations

And Parkdean recommends washing down those festive baking treats with a delicious hot chocolate.

But don’t stop there, create your new favourite and experiment with flavours like orange or white chocolate and raspberry.

To be topped with marshmallows and cream of course!

  • Prepare Santa’s Christmas Eve plate

Get the whole family involved with preparing Santa’s plate.

Either sticking with a traditional mince pie, glass of milk, and a fresh carrot for Rudolph, or exchange these with your family's favourites.

After all, visiting every home in one night can be tiring!