A "highly dangerous, manipulative man" man who subjected a woman to a four-hour ordeal of rape in her own bed before going on to steal her credit card has been sentenced to life in prison.

It came at the end of an evening in Truro, the result of which was said to have "wrecked lives" for a number of victims.

Matthew Paul Addison, aged 48, was sentenced today (Thursday) for five offences at Truro Crown Court,

Prosecutor Ms Hope said it was around 10pm on Saturday, July 17 that Addison, who was wearing bright red shorts – a theme in various reports from that evening – had been approached by a woman, her partner and two friends.

He grabbed two of the women by their breasts, and one on her bottom, before they all moved on as a group to another pub in the city, Addison making lewd remarks as they went.

He was refused entry in the pub for not having a face mask, but instead of going to buy one he bent down to one of the women and said: "Can I wear your f*nny as a mask?" with a further lewd comment.

The group moved away from him and he got into an argument with the bouncer, who attempted to flag down a passing police van but in that time Addison ran off, shouting expletives.

Ms Hope said the next time Addison was seen he was standing on the railings of a property, looking to a neighbour as though he was going to jump onto the balcony of the house next door. Addison then spotted the man watching him and ran off.

He moved on to another area of the city, by the now in the early hours of July 18.

Falmouth Packet: Matthew Addison Picture: Devon and Cornwall PoliceMatthew Addison Picture: Devon and Cornwall Police

A woman became aware of a man following her, and eventually encouraged him to walk in front of her. She was then able to duck into a garden and hide behind a bush until the man had run off, swearing. She told police he had been wearing bright red shorts.

Finally, said Ms Hope, Addison ended up at the home of his victim, who woke to find him standing over her bed shining a light in her eyes.

She initially thought she was being burgled, and followed him to the kitchen. However, as he got the door he appeared to "change his mind" and told her to go back to bed and keep the light off.

"What followed was an ordeal lasting about four hours," said Ms Hope, who added that the woman had been begging Addison "Please don't, please don't" and even threw a cup of cold tea at him.

Addison subjected his victim to different types of rape and ordered her to do various sexual acts, which she described as "confusing, terrifying and traumatic" but she did her best to keep him calm. At one point he threatened to get a knife from the kitchen if she did not submit, and also to tie her up to stop her reporting him to the police.

"As she lived alone that caused her considerable fear that she might be tied up for a considerable time before anyone found her," said Ms Hope. "He threatened to cut her landline, and made her increasingly fearful as to whether he was going to leave her alive at the end."

Ms Hope said the woman suffered tearing as a result of Addison's actions and "bled profusely". She also had bruising to her mouth and jaw.

Afterwards, said the prosecutor, Addison took the woman's debit card and tried to use it at a number of cashpoints, successfully withdrawing £200 from one.

Addison was later arrested by police, who found a pair of red shorts in his home.

Addison, of St Clements Close, Tregolls but remanded in custody since July, refused to appear in court today for sentencing, either in person or by video link.

He had previously failed to appear at three previous court hearings, but finally made it before a judge at Truro Crown Court in October, when he pleaded guilty to two counts of rape, as well as sexual assault and assault by beating.

He pleaded not guilty to a charge of burglary and another of fraud by false representation, and these charges have been laid on file by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Ms Hope said Addison had a large number of previous convictions going back decades, including making a threat to kill in 1999, and had only been out of prison for less than a month for another offence when he committed these.

Sentencing Addison to life in prison, to serve a minimum of ten years and ten months before even being considered for parole, Judge Robert Linford said this would protect the public as if not considered safe for release after that time he would remain behind bars.

He described Addison as a "highly dangerous, manipulative man" who had committed an "evil attack" that left a woman "battered, bloodied and broken in her own home," adding that Addison's "savagery" had "wrecked lives."

Jude Linford said that Addison had chosen to "hide behind your cell, like the coward you are" and that he would sending a transcript of his sentencing remarks to the prison.