As if second homers haven't been given enough taxpayers' money. The Conservatives are about to dole out yet another £40 million of Cornwall's Covid aid to them!

They should be taxing them for being a major cause of Cornwall's housing emergency and closing off the industrial-scale tax loopholes they've granted them. Not giving every second homer another £6,000 - YES. SIX THOUSAND POUNDS EACH - when we desperately need that money to address the extreme and serious housing problems and insecurities of tens of thousands of local families who are not so well off.

The Conservatives on Cornwall Council said they'd have special influence on the Government, as they're all in the same Party. Well, here's a chance for them to show they can stop such scandalous misuse of public money to happen, They can also demand that previous grants are clawed back while they're at it.

This is what I said in February this year. This merely repeats my warnings in March last year; and my campaign against the multi-million £ tax loophole granted by the Tories back in 2012 when I started to expose the scandal.

Local Conservatives are only now beginning to accept that this whole system is wrong. They say they're closing the loophole. But there's no sign it's working. Instead we get the Chancellor's announcement this week that they'll be given even more Covid aid.

Andrew George

Liberal Democrats