A new book detailing Cornwall's military history is set to be published next month.

Cornwall's Military Heritage, by author Andrew Powell-Thomas, is set to be published on January 15 2022 and details the military heritage of Cornwall from medieval times to the present day.

Cornwall has a rich military history that stretches back through centuries, and evidence of this military heritage can be seen throughout the county with numerous buildings and other structures still standing today.

Cornwall’s Military Heritage explores the history of the county – not only the battles that took place on its soil and the measures that were taken to defend it, but also the heritage of the military units that were nurtured there and sent to fight in conflicts abroad.

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The book details, for example, how Cornwall was able to retain its Celtic independence and remained separate from the rest of England into the Middle Ages by fending off and resisting both Roman and Anglo-Saxon invaders.

Andrew Powell-Thomas explores the conflicts surrounding an array of historic monuments, including castles, forts, airfields and military bases, noting how the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry and its predecessors fought through two world wars to maintain the survival of the Cornish county.

As well as writing military history, local heritage and children’s fiction books, Andrew Powell-Thomas regularly speaks at events, libraries, schools and literary festivals across the South-West.

He currently lives in Somerset with his wife and two young sons.

For more information, visit: www.andrewpowell-thomas.co.uk/