ONE of Cornwall's most successful craft breweries is realising its dream in opening a community tap space in the new year serving Neapolitan wood fired pizzas and its own beer.

Verdant Brewery has announced in its blog that the Verdant Brewing Taproom is opening on January 6, 2022 at its site in Penryn.

Originally started in 2014 and briefly opened its first tap room at its former site on Tregoniggie Industrial Estate off Bickland Water Road in 2017. They hosted some live music shows, had feast evenings and an Octoberfest, including the inaugural Little Summer Beer Bash.

"When we started Verdant back in 2014 we always knew that the best way to enjoy our beers would be to offer them in our own venues. Ideally a space at the brewery. We can then create an experience that reflects the ethos and thinking of Verdant and the team behind the beers."

At the time they were based in the smaller blue shed in Falmouth, and needed to remove the tap space from the brewery due to demand for the beer and the need for more capacity.

Since then they have opened spaces around the country, starting with The Experiment in Hackney Central (London) with Pressure Drop Brewing, its very own Seafood Bar in Falmouth, The Sink Inn over in Newquay and the Tap Room BS2 in Bristol alongside Newtown Park Brewing Co.

"But we never gave up on the dream of once again offering up a venue that could tick all of the boxes for our vision of a community tap space," the brewery says on its blog. "We are so excited to announce that the Verdant Brewing Taproom is opening on January 6, 2022 at the site in Penryn.

"What you can expect from this space is, naturally, super fresh beer. Direct from the source. Behind the bar, you’ll find 16 keg lines and 4 cask lines to choose from, along with some amazing craft ciders, carefully selected spirits and wines and premium soft drinks. Alongside all of that we will be offering truly authentic Neapolitan wood fired pizzas.

Couple all of this with live music, DJ’s, film and anything else that people want to see happen in this space. It is available for use by you, for clubs and community groups and everything in between."

The brewery says it is all ears for any proposals for the taproom and peoples should send any ideas or requests over to: and Alex or Sinead will be in touch to discuss.

"So here it is, the Verdant Brewing Taproom is finally going to open its doors to the public in a few days and we cannot wait to welcome you into the space," the brewery says in its post. "It feels like a really big step for the whole Verdant Team, after years of hard work and dedication in producing the best beers possible, in our beautiful part of the world."

The space at Unit 30, Parkengue, Kernick Industrial Estate, Penryn will be open for pizza & drinks (both hot and cold), cans to take away alongside fun and games during the following hours.

Thursday - Saturday: 11am - 11pm

Sunday: 12pm- 10:30pm

Come Easter next year they will extend those hours to seven days a week.