THE co-owner of a Falmouth petrol station has told of her horror after teenage vandals "rampaged" through the forecourt wrecking equipment, running over sale cars and even trying to spill petrol from hoses whilst smoking.

Jackie Chaney-Spiers from Boslowick Garages told the Packet that she had good CCTV images of the seven 14 to 15 year who tried to wreck her business on the night before New Year's Eve.

Jackie, who lives above the station and convenience store in Boslowick Road, said she was watching television at around 8.20pm when she thought she could hear kids outside which wasn't unusual

"I went to look out of the window and they had the jet washes on and they were spraying each other, pulling on the hoses." she said. "They were just everywhere, they were running all over the place. At one point they were trying to get into the air machine don't know whether they thought they could get any money out.

"They were taking the hoses out of the pumps and trying to get petrol out of the pumps onto the floor. You get residue in the hoses, but they were smoking. Anything they could get their hands on they were trying to destroy. Firstly to themselves this is quite dangerous, secondly standing on a petrol forecourt and putting petrol on the floor whilst smoking you've got to have one brain cell, or less than one brain cell."

"I don't know what they thought, they were all over the sale cars, they were just on the rampage."

Jackie says she turned the jet washes off at the main switch inside and rang 999 before going outside to confront the group which seemed to consist of five boys and two girls who eventually left.

"They didn't give a damn," she said. "They seemed to be of the attitude that it didn't matter and they could do exactly as they liked."

She said the police were coming down to get the CCTV footage.


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Posting on Facebook on December 31 Jackie said: "Last night, we were subjected to an onslaught of seven 14 to15 year olds trying to vandalise or destroy anything they could lay their hands on, even to the point of trying to spill petrol from the pumps on the floor and smoking.

"It has been reported to the police and we have some amazing CCTV footage and a name that will also be passed on to the police.

"If anyone's little darling came home soaked to the skin last night can you eye them suspiciously please as they could have been one of those that were trying very hard to destroy our jet washes. This marauding mob know who they are and we have pictures of them from the CCTV; they are banned for life."

Devon and Cornwall Police said: "Police are investigating reports of criminal damage at a commercial premises on Boslowick Road, Falmouth.

"It was reported that around 8.30pm on Thursday 30 December, a group of teenagers had been seen causing damage to the premises.

"Police enquiries remain ongoing in relation to this matter.

"Anyone who witnessed the incident and anyone with information which may assist the investigation is asked to contact police on 101 quoting CR/113629/21."