A grocery store in Falmouth has taken it upon itself to raise money for a Cornish mental health charity.

A Co-op store on Clipper Way in Falmouth has been collecting used books from local people that it is selling in order to raise money for mental health charity Cornwall Mind.

The scheme officially launched today (Jan 3) and a bookshelf full of books that people can purchase now features on the shop floor.

Speaking to The Packet, store manager Simon Berryman said: "We went live today (Dec 3) as, originally, we started asking customers if they had any books they could donate, and we've had about 300 books donated.

"Someone also donated a bookshelf as well, so this morning I managed to get it out on the shop floor so it's all live and running.

"People are buying them already, and as I was putting them out a lady said to me this morning 'what a fantastic idea,' and based on the response we had on our Facebook post it looks like its going to go really well.

Falmouth Packet: The in-store bookshelf. The in-store bookshelf.

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The idea had already been successfully run in St Columb, where Simon had originally worked before moving to Falmouth.

"I moved to this store (Falmouth) in August of this year, and in my old store in St Columb we'd done and put an old bookshelf out and we made about £400 in the first month, which was absolutely fantastic.

"It's a smaller store, but it's a busier store and now that Christmas is out of the way, we've now got space to put it out, so we're bringing ideas from other stores.

"People are still asking if we need more books donated and we're like 'yes please!'

"We'll be able to keep it running all the time hopefully.

"I've got loads upstairs being stored so we can just replenish them as they sell."

If you've got a book or two that you'd like to donate, you can bring them in-store to the Coop on Clipper Way, Mongleath Avenue, Boslowick, Falmouth, TR11 4PN.