A team of volunteers, who assist the emergency services with search and rescue, has launched a crowd-funding appeal to replace one of their two team ambulances.

West Cornwall Search and Rescue Team, who are based in St Day and cover the West of Cornwall (TR postcodes), have launched the campaign to help raise some of the estimated £56,000 it will cost to replace their ageing control vehicle.

Team Leader, Paul Oliver, said “The vehicle is starting to show its age and most worryingly, it is operating close to its capacity in terms of the weight it can carry. So we are looking for something bigger and better that can carry more kit and has off-road capability as, although it is used mostly as a mobile incident command, it also doubles up as an ambulance.”

The team has around 40 active volunteers who train every week in skills such as navigation, first aid and search techniques. In 2021, they responded to 21 call-outs and put in almost 5000 hours between them in training, fundraising and active duty .

Andy Brelsford, Chair of the charity, said, “As well as searching for missing people, we provide underground rescue and water rescue support to the emergency services and assist in times of extreme weather such as floods and snow.

“We have to fundraise for all of the equipment we use and the other costs of running our team such as training, fuel, first aid supplies and maintaining our base and this costs us around £20,000 each year. So replacing our control vehicle is a major challenge - but one we could meet with your help.

“By donating to our cause, you will be helping the volunteers of West Cornwall Search & Rescue Team to replace our ageing control vehicle with a new one, more suited to the challenges we face.”

For more information, or to make a donation to their campaign, look for West Cornwall Search and Rescue Team on Facebook or Crowdfunder or visit their website – westcornwallsar.co.uk