A picture shared across social media shows a Cornish cathedral glowing gold while surrounded by a number of grey buildings as it catches the winter sunshine.

Truro Cathedral turned gold on Wednesday as the sun shone down on its Gothic Revival design and was captured in a picture by a member of the public.

The image was described by the woman who took is as 'stunning' while also claiming that the way in which the light caught the cathedral made it not "look real."

Kerry Knight, who captured the snap, said: "Stunning photo captured of the Cathedral in the sun whilst in Truro.

"Doesn’t even look real!"

Falmouth Packet: Truro Cathedral illuminated by the sun. Picture: Kerry KnightTruro Cathedral illuminated by the sun. Picture: Kerry Knight

Kerry captioned the unusual image as "#thebeautyofnature" among others and shared it to a local Facebook group page centred around the city.

The picture was shared tens of times with members of the group describing the cathedral as "Dipped in gold" as well as having "The Midas touch."

Some members even shared in Kerry's disbelief at the sight, with one woman asking: "Is this honestly real?" before being earnestly assured that it was.

The photograph comes just days after Cornwall's legendary comedian Jethro's service was held there.

Hundreds of people gathered to pay their respects to the comic after he died following a short battle with Covid-19.