A Penryn pizza parlour has decorated its premises with a bit of Cornish history after discovering a stash of photographic transparencies in a charity shop.

Pizza PLS, located at Bohl's Yard on St Thomas Street in Penryn, is exhibiting the photos taken by a man known as J.C. Reed who is thought to have lived in Hayle.

The pictures captured Mr Reed's life and family, with some assumed to date back to the 1960s.

They include one of an event in Helston, and another of a Gorsedh procession. 

Danny North, one of the owners of Pizza PLS, explained to The Packet how he came across the images, saying: "There's a charity shop on Commercial Road in Penryn and I was in there having a browse and I stumbled across this box of transparencies.

"There were hundreds and hundreds of them, all boxed and categorised into different times and eras, so I bought the job lot.

"I thought it could be really interesting, I'm a photographer so that sort of thing does really interest me.

"I thought 'this could be like on of those forgotten archives.

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"So over the course of about a year and half a started scanning them in at home, primarily during the pandemic as I had a lot of spare time.

"When I started the restaurant, my business partner Adam said we should put them up.

"There's all sorts in there, there's the Royal Cornwall Show, there's Miss St Ives Bay from what looks like the early 80s, there's photographs of his family and friends from all over Cornwall.

"For me, the really interesting thing is the photographs of his family and friends over the years, I think what he created was a really interesting body of work.

"We've put it on the walls because we love the photographs, it feels like we're giving life to this forgotten body of work that was left in a charity.

"I love local history, so being able to look back is fascinating.

"We've got one picture of a band, and there's a guy climbing the double bass, and one of my friends who is a musician saw it and said 'oh, that's my friend's dad!"

If you recognise anyone in the photos, let us know by emailing ryan.morwood@newsquest.co.uk