Pop off your lens cap and adjust your aperture it's time for this week's Packet Camera Club!

Having kicked off 2022 with a stunning selection of images submitted by our members, we're keeping up the momentum this week with another batch of hand-picked photos for your viewing pleasure.

This week's collection includes several stunning captures of the Cornish countryside, as well as some interesting inside perspectives and, of course, your weekly dose of canine capers.

Honourably mentioned this week is Debbie Lee for her shot of a rock formation in Nanjizal, showing off the dynamism of the cavernous Cornish coast.

Also getting a honourable mention this week is Kathryn Carey for her beautiful image of waterside woodland, featuring both the brown hue of winter alongside several evergreens.

January's Packet Camera Club theme is: "New year, new...." so fill in the gap and send us your submission on the group's Facebook page.

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