Devon and Cornwall Police have issued a reminder that red lights apply to all road users following dashcam footage which clearly shows a cyclist ignoring the traffic signals in Redruth

In a statement on Twitter the service said: "Red traffic lights apply to cyclists as well. This one has been stopped in #Redruth today and reported for the offence #NoExcuse"

The dashcam video published on Friday, January 7 shows the cars moving from right to left are following a green light signal.

However, after it finishes and the lights turn green for another set of traffic an errand cyclist is captured jumping the lights, crossing the road in front oncoming traffic endangering not only themselves but other road users.

The Highway Code states for cyclists in section 71: "You MUST NOT cross the stop line when the traffic lights are red. Some junctions have an advanced stop line to enable you to wait and position yourself ahead of other traffic."

The cyclist was later reported for their breaking of the rules.