A Falmouth-based stroke survivor has been raising money for the stroke association by completing her own marathon.

Ruth Mumford, who lives in Falmouth, suffered a stroke six years ago which left her with no use of her dominant left side as well as extremely limited mobility.

In March 2018, she moved to a flat in Falmouth from Doncaster, with her husband Andrew and very soon her ambition was to be able to walk from home, near the docks, to the café at Mark’s and Spencer’s to enjoy a coffee.

At first, this appeared to be extremely unlikely, as at that time, more than two years after her stroke, walking more than 200 metres was a real effort.

However, by the end of summer 2018, with Andrew’s supporting arm, she made it.

Falmouth Packet: Ruth Mumford has raised £2,000 for the Stroke AssociationRuth Mumford has raised £2,000 for the Stroke Association

Ruth continued to make improvements and claims to have benefitted greatly from the fellowship provided by Falmouth Action Stroke Club and the support and activities provided by the Stroke Association, a national charity, providing advice and support for stroke survivors and their carers and families.

Over the next three years, through determination, perseverance, Ruth’s mobility has continued to improve, and this winter, she felt inspired to take on the Stroke Association’s challenge to 'Walk Your Marathon.'

Speaking to The Packet, Ruth said: "From when we moved to Cornwall I'd been a member of the Falmouth Action Stroke Club and we've had lots of activities, including lots of support from the Stroke Association.

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"So, when I read about their marathon challenge, I decided 'maybe this is something I could do?'

"Initially I though it would take me about a month to do, while my husband thought it might be a bit difficult, but I'm pretty determined."

There were no time limits to complete the challenge, and due to other commitments, the walk could not start until Christmas, though training began during November.

Ruth's aim was to try to walk about 2 miles a day, for six days, take a day’s rest and then continue the pattern until 26.2 miles were achieved.

On Christmas Day, after lunch, Ruth and Andrew walked the first 3.5 km, along the seafront to Queen Mary’s Gardens and back home.

This was repeated on Boxing Day morning, before they left to drive up to Oxfordshire to care for Andrew’s elderly mother.

The pattern of daily walks continued there for the next week, so that by their return to Falmouth after New Year, over 20 miles of the marathon had been achieved.

Ruth then organised a community walk for Saturday, January 8, inviting friends, neighbours and other supporters to join her and Andrew for the final 3.67 km or 2.2 miles, along the seafront.

Falmouth Packet: The marathon was completed on Saturday, January 8The marathon was completed on Saturday, January 8

Even the wet weather didn't deter the 24 brave souls who met up outside the Falmouth Hotel, with people from as far afield as Camborne and Hayle coming down to join the final stretch.

Ruth continued: "The weather was a bit against us on Saturday, but nevertheless, we went for it and achieved the 26.2 miles on the way back, and I've raised £2,000 for the Stroke Association, which is really heartwarming, it's amazing.

"It's the generosity of people that's been so wonderful.

"I'm thrilled that I've been able to do it, and to raise so much money for such a wondeful cause has been brilliant."

If you'd like to donate to Ruth's fundraiser, you can find it here: www.JustGiving.com/Ruth-Mumford1