Falmouth Town Council has said it will be testing material that escaped from one of the attractions during the Festive Weekend to ensure it poses no threat to the environment.

Andrew Marston, a resident of Flushing, had originally pointed out to the town council that some of the material used in the snow globe that featured on The Moor during the Falmouth Festive Weekend had escaped during its dismantling and was blowing around the town.

The town council had previously voted to ban single-use plastics from Falmouth and said, after having been assured that the material was bio-degradable, went ahead with the snow globe.

Kirstie Edwards, deputy Mayor of Falmouth, said: "We've been told it's biodegradable, but we'll be doing more investigating to make sure that's the case.

"I'm sure if we've been told it's biodegradable then that's what it is, but we'll still be following it up.

"We'll be sending it up to a testing in Cambridge to make sure it is what they say it is, just to make sure the material that we put in the bag is the material that we've been told it is.

"In this day and age there's a lot of green-washing that can go on, not that I'm saying that's what happened in this case at all, to be clear, we're trusting what the company has said to us.

Falmouth Packet: The escaped material. The escaped material.

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Falmouth Mayor Steve Eva, said: "From what I gather, the people cleaning up the snow globe were told not to worry as Cormac cleaners had told them they would be coming through and sweeping it up anyway, so I think wires got a little crossed, and some of the material was blown around.

"We have agreed to have single-use plastic banned in Falmouth so we would have to look into it when we know what the results of these tests are."

"If you know that the material is damaging, then you can't go ahead an use it, that would be absolutely ludicrous.

"If it's dangerous to the environment, then you can't use it, simple as that."

Falmouth Town Manager, Richard Gates, told The Packet: "We'll always look into these things.

"The Festive Weekend was a great success and people really enjoyed it, of course we don't want things blowing around in the wind, we'll always clear it up and it just needs a bit more focus on it to ensure that it's sorted for the future."

Rob Higgs of Ocean Rebellion told The Packet: "We've just got to reduce, regardless of whether it's sustainable, bio-source, bio-fuel, whatever.

"At the end of the day we just need to slow it all down and stop.

"The bottom line is, we've just got to reduce and stop the mass consumption of crap."

Andrew Marston spoke highly of the town council's reaction, saying: "What struck me about the responses was that no-one involved takes Falmouth's reputation for clean seas and beaches for granted.

"But unless we pay attention to these details it is easy to find ourselves unintentionally allowing pollution.
"The will to be better was clear!"