McDonald's reataurant and drive-thru should find a bigger site if it wants to extend its Falmouth restaurant.

The restaurant has applied to extend its restaurant at the entrance to Dracaena Avenue by 14 square  metres and relocate the entrance.

Recently concerns have been raised about the increase in traffic into the site during lockdown and the risk of an accident because of the tailbacks to the roundabout that are caused.

At a meeting of Falmouth Town Council's planning committee on Monday night, councillors complained that if the application was given the go-ahead it would make the situation worse.

It has been recommended for approval by the case officer but councillors recommended refusal on highway grounds.


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Cllr Zoe Young said it was time to take the impact of the access backing up and whether that was being tackled.

The committee chairman Cllr Alan Rowe said the application would make the traffic increase if they wanted more people to visit it. "There are already highways issues there," he said. "This is exascerbating that."

Cllr John Spargo agreed saying: "It is going to affect everybody down to the roundabout. then we really will have a problem."

Falmouth mayor Steve Eve told the meeting he didn't really think there was room for an extension.

“I just don’t think there is room for an extension there which won't affect the area," he said "When you go across there in the summer around teatime the main road is blocked off.

"By extending the restaurant you are just increasing traffic going in there which would therefore block the road off even further. I'd turn it down on highways grounds and I don't think it is necessary

“I think the area has got a big enough site already and extending it is wrong. They should be looking for bigger area if they want to put in a bigger shop."

Cllr Jayne Kirkham said she thought the application may make the traffic situation worse.

"We have had an issue with that roundabout with traffic building up and that is the reason we have been raising this for a long time.

"If we accept this we will be pushing that can further down the road."