A new mum has shared how she gets ‘the best of both worlds’ after joining a weight loss club in order to shed some of the weight she put on during her pregnancy.

Rhea, who had joined Slimming World a few times previously, said how, initially, she had only wanted to lose a stone, but had struggled to get anywhere due to not being committed enough. However, Rhea explained that, after having her daughter, she had become embarrassed by the amount of weight she had put on.

Rhea, a member of Jo Wignell's group at Helston Football Club, said: “After having my beautiful daughter I was embarrassed of how much weight I’d gained during pregnancy and now had a lot more than just a stone to lose.

“I knew I would join Slimming World after giving birth but was just putting it off until I just realised the longer I put it off the bigger I would get.

“Since joining Slimming World about seven months ago I have lost just over two stone and am enjoying getting ready in the mornings again as I actually have a choice of what to wear not just leggings and a baggy dress.

Falmouth Packet: Rhea says she gets "the best of both worlds2 with her SW planRhea says she gets "the best of both worlds2 with her SW plan

“For me the hardest part was finding the balance between wanting to lose weight to feel better about myself and the fact that I love food and want to enjoy life without feeling limited by being on a diet! I’m so pleased that Slimming World has enabled me to not have to choose.

“I can eat on plan whilst feeling as though I’m not restricted as I make my own chips, toasties and other delicious meals!

“At the weekends and special occasions I enjoy eating what I fancy and am not strict on myself, but unlike before I am now able to get back in total control after going off plan.

“I may not be losing the weight as quickly as I could if I stuck to it 24/7 but I feel as though I’m having the best of both worlds and am enjoying life whilst losing weight at a steady and sustainable pace for myself.

“A massive thank you to Jo for her amazing support- without which I most likely would have never had the courage to return!”