The owner of a Helston business broken into on Monday has thanked the community for rallying round and showing support.

The Waffle Factory in Meneage Street was closed on Tuesday and is due to be again on Wednesday, after a break-in the previous evening.

Owner Garan Sharland said a window was damaged and cash taken at around 8.38pm on Monday.

He added that CCTV had captured three teenagers in the area, who had been identified and the images passed to police.

Garan told the Packet: "It's such a shame it's happened. I've done all the hunting down of CCTV and got all the pictures. I feel sorry for them as they got themselves into trouble just for a little cash."

However, he said the response he had had from the "loving community" of Helston had kept him going.

He said the owners and staff from Mrs K's and Alley Barbers had spent hours searching their CCTV for images that could be useful, adding that the community had "been great."

Garan said: "Helston is such a special place for how our community helps each other.

"I love Helston so much that it's quiet and has a loving community. Not many are like that anymore.

"But where there is goodness, there is also bad. It's not the parents' fault, sometimes there is no one to blame. Kids do stupid things, which sometimes escalate into worse things.

"I see these young people who broke in and stole off me as lost young kids who need help, before they do something worse than steal some cash."