POLICE in Falmouth have been urged to help tackle a group of teenagers and young kids going round causing trouble in the town.

At a meeting of Falmouth Town Council on Monday, neighbourhood beat manager PC Matt Cummins was asked about the group while giving his report to councillors.

Deputy mayor Kirstie Edwards said there seemed to be a largish group of 12 to 15 year-olds roaming around, doing whatever they are doing which was "not particularly great".

She said she was working with the town council's environmental and education enforcement officers Sarah Walker and Tessa Marie and the fire service to open up the channels of communication with the age groups by going into Falmouth School. She invited PC Cummins to join the project.

PC Cummins said the problems had started at Boscawen Fields and the beach in the late summer but had moved on.

"We seem to have a problem with that group which seems to have started late summer inevitably our presence did disperse them," he said.

"I don't know whether the weather dispersed them but it had moved onto Discovery Quay," he said.

Tesco's had become a bit of a hot spot for a while, said Cllr Kirsty but they were moving around but they were trying to work with them.

She said she hoped that the skatepark might help once it was up and running for somewhere for young people to go and a space to "own".

PC Cummins said some of those involved in problems seemed to be coming from outside the area, so they were working with the train branch lines and bus stops to try and sort it out.

Cllr John Spargo told PC Cummins that there were other incidents in the town where residents and businesses had been targeted and urged the force to collate them all.

"Check with those people whether they are aware of some of the other incidents going on in Falmouth," he said. "The lady at the corner shop in Kimberley Park Road had a lot of trouble with a bunch of kids aged about 15 in fact.

He said they had also had a go at one of the residents across the road, but he wasn't sure if he had reported it.

"The lady in the shop reckons he has but it has happened to her more than once, same sort of group wandering around. My concerns are that these incidents aren't necessarily being reported to the same people," said Cllr Spargo