FALMOUTH'S mayor has called on Cornwall Council to organise roadworks in the town better before someone is "seriously hurt".

At a meeting of Falmouth Town Council on Monday night, Cllr Steve Eva said it was "ridiculous" the amount of roadworks going on in and around the town at the moment.

Currently a lane on the Penryn by-pass is closed for bridge maintenance, there are temporary traffic lights on Kimberley Park Road, Avenue Road for gas works and on Boslowick Road for electricity work, Penwerris Lane, Trefusis Road, Margaret Place, Gyllyng Street, Berkeley Vale down to the Moor and Cliff Road.

"There's a hell of a lot of work going on on roads in Falmouth," said Cllr Eve. "Gasworks and water companies dig a hole in the ground put cones around it and leave it.

"We should ask Cornwall Council to cut down the amount of work on the roads. Absolutely ridiculous in Falmouth at the moment. We should ask for it to be organised better than it is.

"Down the Penryn by-pass they've put up cones three or four weeks ago. Every so often you see a van but no work. If they are trying to turn it into a single lane road, be honest about it.

"Kimberley Park Road is another one, getting people jumping the lights there because they can't be bothered to wait. Someone is going to get seriously hurt there.

"They need to get on with it. It should be 24 to get the road works done."

Councillor David Saunby said the cones were on the Penryn by-pass because an accident had caused damage to the bridge.

"I suppose they are covering themselves in case anything happens," he said. "They haven't been there to repair it.

"They shut down the inside lane weeks before Christmas because the fencing is damaged. We need to ask why the works not carried out."

Cllr Eva added: "They've coned it off and forced traffic into oncoming traffic. If they want to make it safe shut the middle lane off and have a gap in between. In this wet weather it's an accident waiting to happen."

Cornwall Council have been asked for a response.