The former P&O Dover to Calais freight ferry European Seaway, a frequent visitor to the port for dry docking during her 30 years in service, has left the River Fal lay up berth she has occupied since January 2021.

Sold to Sea Lines of the Åland Islands and renamed Sea Anatolia, the ferry is being towed to Tuzla,Turkey for modifications. The powerful Antigua Barbuda anchor handling tug Centaurus is towing the ferry to her destination.

Preparations for the departure saw Falmouth Wharves-based Seawide Services using their craft multi-purpose craft Overvargh and high speed launches to transport personnel and equipment to the ship.

The River Fal was a hive of activity with the three Falmouth tugs Mercia, St Piran, Percuil and the Fowey tug Morgawr mobilised to bring the dead ship down river to the Cross Raods buoy where the Centaurus connected her tow wire.

The ferry can carry 200 passengers along with 124 15m freight vehicles.

Over the weekend the powerful tug FFS Arion arrived off the port towing the vessel Polar Marquis which is bound for Aliaga, Turkey for scrapping. Seawide Services offshore launches tended the vessel during her brief call.